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What are the risk factors for the development of diabetes

The following risk factors increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes: age 45 or above, overweight or obese, diabetic parent or sibling, history of gestational diabetes, or birth of at least one baby over 4 kilograms, blood pressure higher than 140/90, high LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol 35 or lower, triglycerides 250 or higher, a person who does not exercise at least three times a week.

Adults over 18 years old.

Adults who have type 2 diabetes.

Pre-diabetic adults.

One tablet should be taken 3 times a day, 15 to 30 minutes before the meal.

Yes. You can take Ascarx 3 times a day 15 to 30 minutes before meals.

If you forgot to take Ascarx before your meal, you should take it before the next meal.

Taking Ascarx does not require eating a full meal. You can also take it before a light meal. It is not recommended to take the pill without eating at all.

 Use instructions inside the box.

When the blood glucose levels are still high despite the treatment, taking more than the regular dose can help you reach your desired glucose level, but only with your doctor’s recommendation and after examining your medical condition.

Your glucose level should be measured two hours after your meal. Measuring the glucose at this time will give us a more precise result about the body’s ability to control blood glucose.

Yes. The metabolic support provided by Ascarx will gradually disappear if the consumption is less than the recommended dose, as the ingredients are not accumulated in the body and remain for a short time after the absorption. The recommended dosage should be followed.

They should consult their doctor. People who are concerned about obesity or their sugar levels may take Ascarx after medical consultation.

Consult a physician before using Ascarx.
Do not take Ascarx if you are under 18, or:

  • You are allergic to one of the components in Ascarx
  • You are planning to get pregnant or if you breastfeed
  • You are in early pregnancy (week 28)
  • There is an allergy to drugs, food or other substances.

Ascarx can help with obesity, pre-diabetes or people who are worried about having higher glucose levels in the future (based on their health and family history). Asacrx can reduce and regulate changes in glucose levels that may be caused by other health symptoms.

Yes. The ingredients in Ascarx normalize sugar levels and help boost your energy and your sense of satiety.

No. It is recommended to eat three smaller meals in addition to healthy snacks between meals.

Doctors recommend keeping a healthy and varied diet as well as exercising for at least 30-45 minutes every day. Ascarx is an important part of a holistic response to diabetes.


Ascarx was initially developed to prevent the progression of the metabolic disease, meaning pre-diabetic prevention as well as to treat type 2 diabetes patients, where there is mainly a lack of response to the insulin hormone.

We encourage a well-balanced diet. Sugar and simple carbohydrates should be reduced to a minimum.

Research has shown that those who stopped taking Ascarx had high sugar levels ​​within an average period of 6 months.

Since Ascarx is intended to prevent the occurrence of metabolic disease, the recommendation is not to stop.

For patients taking additional medication, it is always advisable to consult their physician or Dr. Dov Fogel in coordination with the clinic staff at 2493 * . 

Ascarx helps patients who are taking oral medication and / or insulin injections reduce their use of drugs. This is achieved with close monitoring and consultation with their physician or Dr. Fogel.

Ascarx is a high quality and safe prduct that has been approved by the Ministry of Health, holding a GMP certification, as required by the law.

The manufacturer is Bara Herbs Ltd.  in Yokneam.

The compound consists of 6 plants extractions:

Morus alba, Artemisia arborescens annua, Taraxacum officinale, Urtica dioica, Cinnamomum, Rosa laevigata.

Any substance, drug, or food may cause unwanted side effects. In the case of the Ascarx, most of the reported symptoms were temporary or of low intensity Most of the symptoms: diarrhea or soft stool, intestinal gas.