Ascarit Ltd. is an Israeli company founded in 2004 by Dr. Dov Fogel – a diabetes and metabolic disease researcher. With help from experts in the field, food engineers, technology and laboratory personnel, ‘ Ascarx ‘ was developed .

Ascarit has signed a joint research and development agreement for the development of ‘Ascarx’ in Israel with Maccabi Health Services.


Our team of R&D

Dr. Fogel


Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Dov Fogel, Ph.D MD studied medicine in Bologna (Italy) and graduated in 1974 from the Technion Faculty of Medicine.  He serves as a pediatrician since 1983. He established and founded two child-development institutes and for eight years served as a medical director in two medical clinics for the families, serving about 10,000 children.
Since 2003, he has been developing and investigating the potential impact of nutrition supplements on metabolic diseases such as diabetes. His work has focused specifically on the development of Ascarx, a compound of several plant components, with a balancing effect on blood glucose. The study involved identifying the plant components and their metabolic activity.

Dr. Summit Chatterjee


Specialist in adult internal medicine and pulmonology

An alumnus of the University of Cambridge in England he graduated with a masters degree in experimental psychology in 1996, then medicine in 1999. After completing specialist training in England he now practices as a pulmonologist and leads the pleural service in Sheba Medical Center Israel.

Prof. Alf Fishbein



Active in biotechnology and renewable medicine, focusing on natural and ancient products, and collaborating with an international network of medical scientists. Prof. Fishbein is the Founder and President of BSD Biomedical LLC and the Medical Director of ESPA Biomedical Ltd, two biotechnology consulting firms.


Dr. Raphael Fortification (Late)


Specialist in Internal Medicine

Former Secretary of the Research, Prevention and Treatment of Atherosclerosis company, a senior physician at the Baruch Strasburger Lipid Center at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer Hospital, and one of the leaders in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Vardit Kalamaro


Entrepreneur in Health at DrPharma Israel

Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharm.D. of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A healthy lifestyle coach, graduate of the first and only academic program in Israel for Healthy Lifestyle Training by Ben Gurion University (LSCC) of the Department of Lifestyle Medicine at the Association of Family Physicians.


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