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A few more things to know…

Ascarx has been studied clinically and is a nutrition supplement that may help in achieving normal metabolism and improve patients’ quality of life.
Ascarx has been clinically trialed in Israel at Sheba medical center with cooperation of Maccabi HMO. see main results below







Ascarx is a synergistic product of its natural components that supports normal metabolism by multiple actions including reducing the ability of carbohydrates to be absorbed in the intestine, allowing glucose to be stored by decreasing insulin resistance and lowering production of new glucose in the body. Ascarx has been clinically studied incollaboration with Maccabi Health Services and has been found to assist in achieving normal metabolism.

Ascarx is a herbal compound that has the potential to mimic conventional diabetic drugs. The materials have been refined with the latest technologies. It includes six synergistic plants. . A preliminary study showed blood glucose reduction was not effective with individual plants, but only when combined. This led to a clinical trial of 119 patients who were treated with Ascarx. The results can be found here.

Ascarx’s main modes of action:

  1. Reducing carbohydrate digestion by slowing down digestion and reducing enzyme efficiency in breaking down carbohydrates into absorbed glucose.
  2. Similar to glucophage, which also originates from plants, it reduces insulin resistance and thus optimize glucose uptake in muscles and liver.
  3. Impact on renal filtration, lowering the glucose clearance threshold thereby removing it from the body.

“Ascarx” is a registered patent in Israel and Europe. “Ascarx” is manufactured in Israel by “Dr. Ramez ltd” according to GMP regulary. “Dr. Ramez ltd. is a registered facility by FDA for manufacturing of food supplements. Ascarx manufacturing is made under strict supervision of 3rd party laboratories. The tablets version of “Ascarx” that was marketed by “Ascarit” until the end of 2021 was manufactured by “Bara herbs” acoording to GMP regulary and is also a registered facility by FDA for manufacturing of food supplements.

100% Natural

 is produced by six plants, with no artificial additives



Tree wormwood