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Success Stories

Gail Sander | 60 years old at the beginning of treatment, Diabetic for 12 years

I have been diabetic for 12 years. I have been taking pills and injecting insulin for years. My blood tests on HbA1c were 10.5.
In September 2018, I came across Facebook ads telling me about a new and natural dietary supplement for diabetics, so I gave out my details and a company representative contacted me. He explained to me about the use of the product and how it can help me and so I started using Ascarx. Two months later I did blood tests and my condition still did not show any significant change, but I decided to continue taking the supplement because I felt much better physically. After 6 months I did blood tests and in February 2019 I was surprised to find that the HbA1C dropped to 8.5!

I wish there this supplement existed when I just got diabetes, so I wouldn’t start taking pills at all. I would highly recommend trying Ascarx. For me Ascarx has been helpful and still helps to balance diabetes.

I am diabetic since the age of 53. It is not genetic in my family, I experienced a trauma and as a result my body collapsed. I also got psoriasis with which I dealt better than sugar, until I got to know about Ascarx.

I heard about the Ascarx from my friend Zvi Daskal. We sat down one evening and talked about diabetes and the difficulty of the disease and then Zvi told me that he started taking a new nutrition supplement that really balances and improved his sugar levels.

I decided to contact Ascarit and in order to get information about the product. I spoke with a company representative who explained to me the treatment and decided to give it a try. It was amazing. Dr. Fogel has been monitoring me and I have already dropped off most of the pills I took and I no longer inject!

I’m really pleased with the company’s care .It is exciting to hear about a father whose son is ill and he has decided to find a natural way to treat this illness.

I lost approximately 35 kg before I started taking ascarx, but along with the supplement I lost more weight and improved my diet. In terms of exercise I am less able to persevere, but overall I feel better, more refreshed and I can only say that it helps.

It is important for me to share my success so that more diabetics know it helps. It is important to learn and understand the treatment process and I strongly encourage you to try the Ascarx.

I live in Netanya and work as a driving instructor. I suffer from diabetes since the age 50. My sugar levels have been 220-250for the past 17 years. It is very important for me to share my story because for years I relied on pills that my family doctors prescribed, with no help. All the medications I took to balance and lower the sugar level didn’t help me and I always stayed at high levels of sugar, and yet I continued to take the pills as I thought I had no other option.

Since my sugar level has continued to deteriorate and even affect my daily functions (leg pain, fatigue and kidney damage) my wife looked for other solutions for me. During the search process, I came through Ascarx. I have been taking Ascarx for almost a year and during this time my sugar level went down and I lowered the dose of the chemical pills I took at 70%. In the past my sugar level ranged from 220-250, today 120-140.

I highly recommend Ascarx !! The service is excellent and the staff is professional. I am not a doctor but I just want to share my story and want to help others. Good luck!

In the last 25 years since I became diabetic, I was constantly on medication (glucamine, glucophase) until I turned to insulin. For 10 years I have been injecting insulin and have already reached the point where I inject 40 units.

At that time, I was already retiring and started watching morning shows. One day, Dr. Fogel appeared on Channel 10 and talked about the nutrition supplement he developed, called Ascarx. I decided to give it a try, maybe it would help.

Within two weeks my sugar fell, so I called the company and with the recommendation of the representative who was taking care of me I contacted my family doctor. She did some tests for me and started reducing my insulin dose. After 8 months I stopped injecting insulin at all!

My doctor said that if I would continue like this, we would start lowering the dosage of the conventional drugs as well. Eight years ago I was at a diabetes specialist who told me that with my diabetes status and family background, I couldn’t lower my blood sugar levels below 150. Today I am on an average of 110-120 every morning!
I feel great! first of all, because I do not need to inject, which is already a huge improvement, I also had an improvement in my cholesterol levels. I have always maintained a good diet and years of exercising twice a week. It didn’t help improve my sugar levels. It was only when I started taking Ascarx that I began to see a change. In the past my A1C was on 8.9 and in my recent tests it was on 6.5!

I personally highly recommend it! To me Ascarx made a significant improvement in my quality of life!

A few months ago it was found that my A1C went up to 7.0. The doctor wanted me to start taking medication and my wife did not agree, she saw your advertisement about Ascarx and we decided we would give it a try.

I started taking the supplement and the A1C dropped to 6.5, the glucose level is around 120 although I am not strict on diet and sometimes I eat cake. My glucose level in the past was 160-170 in the morning hours.

I walk with my wife every day for about an hour and in my opinion Ascarx is better than any chemical medicine. I have no side effects and it works. Even though it’s a little expensive for us it’s worth it, all my tests are good. I was suffering from pains in my legs and now I feel good. Dr. Fogel sometimes calls and asks me how I feel. It’s nice to know it’s important to him!

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I have been taking medication and maintaining a diet, but that didn’t help and I didn’t balance my sugar levels. The situation deteriorated and I reached to the point where I inject insulin, 24 units a day.

One day I saw an internet post about a new nutrition supplement that underwent medical research and decided to give it a try. I told myself it was just a natural product and it wouldn’t hurt. It was Ascarx. I started taking it with no further change in my diet, and the numbers started to drop. The HbA1c dropped from 7.4 to 6.4. It has never gone down like this in all the years I have been diabetic!

I’ve dropped the amount of insulin and currently I’m only injecting 5 units per day, believing I’ll stop the insulin treatment soon. I feel great, just feel good and I highly recommend to try Ascarx. It helps me and contributes to my body rehabilitation. Along with the staff’s consultation from the clinic, I believe I will see more improvement in my blood results.

At the age of 51, I started to feel dryness in my throat. I went to the doctor and discovered mild diabetes – high sugar, high cholesterol and liver fats. It really occurred to me, since my mother is diabetic and was forced to amputation because of diabetes. I decided to treat myself.

The doctor prescribed me a cholesterol medication, I took the pills and I felt dizzy all the time, couldn’t concentrate and my leg muscles ached. It was stressed and I stopped taking the medicine.

 One day my wife saw an ad on Facebook and said to me, “Let’s start with natural therapy, leave the chemical out at the moment.” Explain to me a mix of nutrition and exercise and I set out on a new path. I keep my diet as close as possible. 3 times a week I do spinning and take the ashtray 3 times a day before dinner.

After 3 months of using Ascarx I did my blood tests and the numbers were incredibly improved!

I no longer take chemical pills even though the doctor recommends. I prefer the natural way. Overall I feel great and do sports. The Ascarx really helps and if you are diabetic I recommend you trying it because it just works!

At the age of 38, after the third birth, I started to lose weight for no reason and suddenly from 78 kilos I. . I’ve never been addicted to sugar and sweets. I ate carbs but not too much. Although I am a diabetic mother, I never thought about it. At the age of 38 I discovered that my sugar had risen to 127 and then I first understood how to drink sugar-free coffee.

I am diabetic since the age of 47. I was diagnosed with diabetes after going through 6 brain infarcts. My  condition was really bad, I was an athlete, I was exercising and my body was traumatized.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes my A1C was 11! I started insulin therapy straight away, I would inject 80 units a day and recently started to maintain my diet and take care of myself which helped me drop to 60 units.

About a month and a half ago I came across Ascarx online and left my contact details. A representative came back to me and explained that it is natural and causing no harm, so I started taking the supplement. I didn’t have high expectations and was pleasantly surprised!

From 60 units I went down to 26 units in a month, and my A1C fell to 6.5%. I feel better and now I am back to exercising too, something I haven’t done in years. I personally highly recommend this nutrition supplement. It just works!

I highly recommend other diabetic patients taking this supplement, I even recommended to doctors, but they are hesitant towards natural medicine.

I totally recommend Ascarx and also Dr. Fogel, who really accompanies his patients and it is important for him to help them.

My name is Gabriel, at the age of 68 I found out that I was diabetic. The glucose levels were not very high: 140 mg – 150 mg.

I didn’t want to hurt my body with chemical pills, so when I read about Ascarx in the newspaper, I called in order to get more information and decided to try it. I recommend Ascarit company wherever I go, and talk about Ascarx and how it balances my blood sugar to everyone I meet.

This is an excellent nutrition supplement. For those who persist and give it time, it really helps! Today my glucose is between 90 – 100 mg. I feel good and it’s really great for me. I recommended it to more than 15 people here in the Northern Region of Israel. people I know whose sugar was very high now say to me that I came to them as an angel!

Today I only take Ascarx, so I don’t ruin my liver. 

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes and for 5 consecutive years my HbA1c  8.7.

My doctor prescribed me a medicine called Januet, which showed no improvement. I decided I had to make a change and try to give up the chemical treatment and move on to something that would not cause any other harm to my body. I suffered from fatigue, weakness, mood swings. I was worried that the disease would hurt my quality of life and my family’s more and more.

I read an article about Ascarx on Facebook and left my details, just to hear what it was about. is there really a natural product that could help? When I realized that it was a nutritional supplement that can be taken without fear in combination with the drugs I take today, I decided to give it a try.

Following three months of treatment with Ascarx, as I was recommended to do; 3 times a day before every meal, in my last measurement my sugar values ​​dropped significantly: HbA1c dropped to 5.7.

All this treatment and results while undergoing full medical supervision and guidance from Dr. Fogel and his team, who answered me on the Whatsapp, over the phone and received my blood tests  and data monthly.

I would like to share my results with Ascarx. I stopped Januet, after consulting with my doctor who saw the improvement in my blood tests.

Thank you very much Dr. Fogel!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 35. I lived with a blood glucose level of 300-400.  This wasn’t life. I took Emeril, Glucomin and injected insulin. I already contacted my doctor and said to him: Why don’t the injections help ?! And he said to me, “Increase the dose.” But it didn’t help me either.

I was depressed, disappointed and desperate that nothing could help me. The doctor had already told me that I needed to relax. My kidneys were already hurt; both my parents had died of diabetes and I already thought I would die of that too.

Then my wife saw Dr. Fogel’s Facebook video on Channel 10. We weren’t sure, so we left our details and a company representative came back to us.  Dr. Fogel’s guidance and consultaion on how to use Ascarx did the job, and within 3 months the change started and my sugar dropped to 110. It’s a makeover. I feel excellent, amazing and more light-hearted.

There is no doubt that proper treatment and professional guidance from Dr. Fogel and his staff are so helpful.  Dr. Fogel explained to me about different nutrients and what to do with my nutrition and I follow everything he said. Because it really works!

I went back to my doctor for tests and he couldn’t believe it, he thought there was a mistake in the lab, he was in shock! My family members wouldn’t believe it is me.  Ascarx has changed my life and I recommend all diabetics to try it.

I am a retired veterinarian and diabetic since 2004. I accidentally discovered diabetes through blood tests that I was sent to do from my work place. I thought I was fine. I didn’t feel bad. My sugar was around 300 mg and since then I started taking pills. At first I was given metformin and then they discovered I also have triglycerides and I was also given zafibrate. My blood pressure was high and I was given more medication and each time I added more and more pills.

One day I saw an ad on the internet about a nutrition supplement and decided to leave my details. At first I tried for a month and the sugar dropped from 156 to 120 mg. I purchased a 4-month treatment package. After 3 months with Ascarx treatment I check  my sugar  3 times a week. The glucose is 90-110 mg.

I went to my doctor and did all the tests again. Glucose decreased from 156 to 110, HbA1c   decreased from 7.2 to 6.3, triglycerides from 256 to 140. Now I’m also starting to see an improvement in my cholesterol. I’m not strict about exercise, it’s a little hard for me. Regarding my nutrition, since I am a South American I have had a very hard time reducing the amount of meat I used to eat but I try to maintain a healthy diet.

My doctor does not want to believe that it is thanks to the Ascarx, but I have already decided that I don’t take any chemical medication and I prefer the natural treatment. I would highly recommend anyone who is diabetic to try this supplement, it is natural, and even if it does not help it is at least harmless.

I started taking Ascarx 4 months ago. I belong to the pre-diabetes category and decided that I would like to try Ascarx before starting a treatment with various diabetes medicines. In the blood tests I did after 3 months of treatment with Ascarx, the sugar values ​​dropped from 123 to 113.

The Ascarx pills significantly reduced my triglycerides and lowered my LDL values to 70, which is after years of LDL values above 130 even with statins. Apart from the fact that I initially had an adjustment period where I was gassy, today I am very pleased because it has improved my digestive system. All of the above happens in combination with the other drugs I take for blood pressure and cholesterol. My diet, unfortunately, has not changed, and I still don’t exercise.

It’s clear to me that the Ascarx work for me.

I am diabetic since the age of 55. My experience as a doctor has taught me over the years that you can always learn something new. I take the glucophage pill since I was diagnosed with diabetes and I am not balanced yet. Blood Sugar Hemoglobin Index ((HbA1c is 7.6) At  the age of 70, I decided to try the botanical supplement Ascarx, after Dr. Fogel contacted me and offered me to take the supplement that he clinically researched and developed.

Personally the best thing was that I didn’t have to change anything in my life, I combined Ascarx glucophase which I have been taking for years and only now my I got this kind of results. I have no doubt that it is thanks to the Ascarx!

L.R.’s mother says: I am a nurse and specialize in diabetes consultation.  Finding out 4 years ago that my son had a blood sugar of 8.9 A1C and glucose 240, as a result of both trauma and family genetics was a shock for me.

I started treating him through nutrition. Until then, he hadn’t kept a proper diet at all. When we started the new diet he dropped to 5.7 A1C after a few months. As he started letting go of the diet the sugar levels went back up, he gave up and didn’t want to go back to this diet. Therefore, I started looking for other solutions. I had to find a way to help him.

I saw the advertisement about the botanical supplement Ascarx, I started reading about it and decided to give it a try. He agreed to take it, and to my surprise it was amazing: in 6 weeks his morning sugar levels dropped by about 15%!

I had to contact the company and tell them that this supplement really helps. People who take the supplement and make sure to take it right, will really see a significant improvement. Ascarx is simply an amazing supplement that makes the metabolism work properly and it is a winning recipe for the patients to rebuild their metabolic system.


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