Israeli pride: The patent that naturally lowers blood glucose

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Nadav Fogel was 15 years old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His father,
Dr. Dov Fogel, decided to devote his life to researching a helpful solution that would
ease the lives of the patients. After 14 years of research the result was a natural
nutritional supplement that helps reduce blood glucose levels. Thousands of Israelis
have already tried  it successfully.
The clinical research confirmed that Ascarx is a natural nutritional supplement that
helps reduce blood glucose levels.

It all started when his 15-year-old son found out he had type 1 diabetes. "He told me he
ran a lot to the bathroom at night and I smelled a strange smell that was sadly
familiar. Immediately I did blood and urine tests for checking the glucose levels and
already the next day he started insulin therapy. It was not easy.
After a few months, Nadav approached his father and said:

Dad, maybe you will do something for me as a diabetic?

“I was skeptical at first. Diabetes is a disease that has always existed and is even
mentioned in the Bible. It was identified according to the symptoms – weakness,
urination and increased cravings. It used to be treated with diets, bloodletting and
plants. I started looking for which plants were used in the past and what I discovered
completely stunned me. About 80% of diabetics in the world do not consume drugs but
use herbs to treat the disease! I started researching the same plants and developed a
formula that manages to reduce blood glucose within 90 days.

Dr. Fogel carried out the tests at Cambridge University and Bar-Ilan University and the
initial product – a patent based on a combination of rose hips, taraxacum, artemisia,
urtica, cinnamomum and morus alba- he developed at his private clinic.
“People heard word-of-mouth that Dr. Fogel was trying a 'potion'. 32 patients who
were not so satisfied with conventional medicine or who wanted to see what nature
could provide came to him. I saw that it worked well.  I came to Maccabi Health
Services, with the results, which decided to enter as a partner in the venture and
today it is a shareholder in Ascarit company. ”

You started in 2004. What took you so long?
“In the middle I got lung cancer and I didn’t know if I would overcome the disease. For a
year, I was in chemotherapy and what I had in mind was to continue what I started – to
help people. " A year and a half after I started doing the research I already saw the
results, I was convinced that the product was successful and spent a lot of money and
time on it. ”

How did your family react?
“My wife was a little angry. During those years we did not go on vacation and did not go
abroad, but I decided to go with it till the end. With the final product, we performed a
clinical trial on 119 type 2 diabetic patients who were treated and monitored for 12 weeks
and found a significant decrease on the average of blood glucose, hemoglobin, and blood
lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides). ”

What is the status of your product today?
“It is defined as a nutritional supplement and a recognized patent in Israel and Europe
and should be recognized in India and the USA as well. In 2017, we started selling it in
drugstores, nature stores and especially over the internet. We want to spread the message
to as many people in the world as possible – reducing blood glucose naturally.

How does the supplement work exactly?
“The Ascarx mimics the mechanism of action of the conventional drugs, but without the
side effects. The supplement consists of 6 plants, each plant individually manages to
mimic the way the chemical drugs work, and together these 6 plants create a synergy
making a winning combination. According to the results of my clinical research, glucose
levels decreased by an average of 37%, hemoglobin (A1C) by 22%, triglycerides by 40%
– results that would shock even the most skeptical doctor in the country.
“In addition, Ascarx contributes to weight loss, vitality, sharp vision, the disappearance
of constipation and improved sex life. This tablet upgrades patients' entire lives.  They
feel more energetic, slowly they start losing weight, they don't get up in the middle of the
night to go to the toilet, and suddenly they see better. And the cherry on the cake: The sex
life becomes wonderful. "
A sentence to summarize?
“Yes. I urge all type 2 and pre-diabetic patients (glucose levels over 100mg/dl) – to take the Ascarx as soon as possible and not let the ‘silent killer’ destroy their body. Me and my medical team provide personalized support at no cost to each patient, until the required results are achieved. ”